Montánchez and its environment

 RUCANON Rural Houses


Montánchez is located in the geographical centre of Extremadura, in the centre of the triangle formed by the historical towns of Cáceres, Trujillo and Mérida. This uniqueness gives a stunning strategic situation to tour the most beautiful  places of the Comunidad Autónoma de Extremadura, since Montánchez is just 50 km from all lof them

The natural área Sierra de Montánchez y Tamuja is a region whose cultural and natural heritage make it a great sightseeing place.

Different peoples settled in these lands, leaving their traces behind them, not only as far as the monuments are concerned, but also  in their customs, landscapes and gastronomy. Celtic settlements and Iron Age vettones have survived until our days.

We have castles like Montanchez castle (of Roman and Almohad origins and declared cultural heritage site).

Remains of Roman villas and bridges (like that in Benquerencia) and even a little treausure of visigothic architecture: Basílica de Santa Lucía, in Alcuéscar.

The renowned gastronomy of Montánchez región is identified by its unrivalled Iberian Ham , known since ancient times by kings and princes and tastily complemented with all type of pork products such as its meat, its sausages , its loins…

All that, together with  the wine and cheese of our region make that the most exquisites gourmets don´t hesitate to feel the experience of tasting such a delicatessen, which is born from the depths of Extremadura soil and grows and flourishes  thanks to the goof work of the region country people

Casas Rurales en Montánchez
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